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Manual on/off

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Pressure Switch Kit

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Stop Module/ Float           Switch Kit

The most compact and reliable solution for solar pumping applications


NERA solar pumps have been developed to meet the needs of low-power and low-cost pumping systems without sacrificing quality, reliability and performance.

A special software algorithm allows for adjusting the hydraulic performance to each source and to the available power while maximising the amount of water pumped.

4” Complete Package Systems

Package Includes:

Nastec Pump + Motor / Inverter
Clenergy Post Mount Array

Tier 1 Solar Panels
DC Isolation Switch
2 x 2 Meter MC4 Leads
Earth lead and Earth Stake
Wieland Connector - Plug & Play
2.5mm2 (2c+e) H07RN-F Electrical Cable*
(Low water level sensor as standard)


Large voltage range (26-190VDC can run on 1 panel)
MPPT for maximum flow in all weather conditions
High-Efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor
High-Efficiency Encapsulated Inverter
High Quality EPDM Pump Stator (Helical)
Hard Chromed Pump Rotor (Helical)
Overload, Overheating and Dry-Run Protection
Water Level Sensor
Removable Power Cable
All 304 Stainless Steel components (Nera 06/04)


Available Accessories

NERA Stop Module (Float / Pressure Switch)
Pressure Switch Kit (Includes 3lt Tank)
32mm Borecap - 200mm - Stainless Steel 304
Crusader Hose - FB100 / FB250
Safety Cable - 4mm - To suit Poly Pipe

*cable lengths available on application basis

float pressure to go with pressure swith.png

(Float Switch)

2 Panel post mount system used in Nera Solar installation.