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Our major partnership - Nastec


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality products for maximum impact and reliability. That’s why we only align ourselves with the best, proudly offering and highly recommending a range of either 100% European or Australian made pumps and accessories. Our major partnership is with the highly respected Italian company Nastec. Nastec was established in 2007 with the purpose of achieving a range of pumps and accessories which combined the knowledge of electronics and hydraulics. This resulted in a new generation of products with higher reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ease of use together with lower energy consumption. This allows us to confidently offer a 2 year warranty on all of our Nastec range to bring greater piece of mind.

‘Each Nastec product is the result of

maximum integration between

electronics, mechanics and hydraulics.’

By purchasing your solar pump system from Solar Pumptec, you will not only get a high quality, reliable system, but also gain access to this exciting range of Nastec features. As well as their hardware, Nastec pride themselves on being ahead of the field in technology, offering market leading programs to ensure hassle free operation is always at your fingertips.

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