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The most compact 

and reliable solution
for solar pumping applications

NERA solar pumps have been developed to meet the needs of low-power and low-cost pumping systems without sacrificing quality, reliability and performance.

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Centrifugal pump


Encapsulated electronics


Helical rotor pump



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Easy connection to pv panels and to a float


To connect NERA to the solar system, the STOP MODULE device is available as an accessory. It is equipped with:

  • MC4 connectors for fast and easy panels connection.

  • Button for pump start and stop.

  • Connection for float or pressure switch.

  • Surge protection.


MPPT:  always the maximum

power available

Based on the varying conditions of solar irradiation and temperature, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) maximises the electrical power drawn from the panels and therefore the amount of water pumped.

The greater the solar irradiation the faster the pump’s rotation speed, and consequently water flow increases.

When solar irradiation decreases (due to clouds or the different times of day), the pump reduces frequency and therefore the flow, but it continues to provide water until the irradation falls below a minimum level necessary to ensure operation.